How to Build the Agency (and Lifestyle) of Your Dreams: Real-Life Case Study Part 2
Written by Matt Kohn on Dec 10th 2018
Trap # 1: Charging Hourly 

Leo did not have a target clients persona, a niche or clearly defined packages. We helped him define his dream clients, his unique value proposition in the market, and his high-ticket service offerings and packages. As a result, Leo could demonstrate his value to clients and charge based on the value that he created for his clients.

Phase 2: Sell 

Leo was also stuck in the second trap most freelancers experience: Not knowing how to articulate his value during the sales process.

Trap #2: Most freelancers sell a line item and not a high-value outcome through their service offerings.

Like Leo, have you experienced any of the following issues?
Leo was not prepared to deal with client objections and unpick them in order to close the deal. 
Leo had limiting beliefs around selling to prospects and wasn’t sure how to sound genuine (not salesy) when speaking to customers. 
Leo’s sales process was constantly changing and randomly organized. For example, with one prospect, he would have five calls, and with another, he would have one call. 

Different Hunger helped Leo overcome these issues by advising him to: 

Systemize his sales process.
Document and frequently update the most common client objections.
Outsource low-value sales and prospecting tasks that he should not be doing as a business owner. 
Reframe sales as a massive opportunity for him to change lives through his business. 

The Impact on Leo’s Agency 

As a result of moving through these first two phases and letting Different Hunger help him along the way, Leo was able to: 
Successfully double (and even quadruple) his pricing.
Gain massive confidence in his ability to sell and grow his company.
Sign his largest client to date at $15K per month.
Build a high-performing dream team of five people, allowing them to have their own salaries and provide for themselves through his ability to grow a business.
Hire others in order to successfully “fire himself” from low-value tasks. 
Build massive confidence and become more productive with daily routines and habits. 

The Secret Sauce 

Although Leo’s journey is a grand one, is it not impossible for others to achieve what he has as well. The secret to success is being clear on where you're at TODAY, who you want to become, and closing the gap every single day. 

By simplifying where you are today and how you’ll get where you need to go into systematic, achievable steps, you too can move from $0 to $24,000 in 120 days. 

We call this the ASS Method: 
A: Audit
S: Systemize
S: Scale 

If you need help scaling your freelancing operation, or even your small agency operation to an agency that pays you 6 figures while you work less than 20 hours a week, apply now to our invite only accelerator program below.


Different Hunger helps people grow successful digital agencies. Matt is an expert at helping people build agencies using online methods and making things super simple to understand.

If you're interested in scaling up and getting clients while working less then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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