How to Build the Agency (and Lifestyle) of Your Dreams: Real-Life Case Study Part 1
Written by Matt Kohn on Dec. 10th 2018

Do you have a busy, overwhelming schedule? 
Are you unsure of how to start building an agency?
Are you unclear about what you want to offer? 
Do you not know how to sell to prospective clients? 
Do you not have any lead generation or sales systems that allow you to consistently bring in leads and deals?

These are some of the most common problems that freelancers and agencies experience before scaling. We’re here to tell you that there is a way to get past these obstacles and move towards both the business and more importantly, lifestyle of your dreams. 

We conducted a case study with one of our recent clients, Leo Ahmad, to show how he built his agency from $0 to $24,000 in recurring revenue within four months. By following Leo’s journey, you too can apply the same systematic steps to reach your own goals and dreams! 

The bottom line: If you want to make $24,000 a month and work less than 20 hours a week (that’s a rate of $300 an hour in earnings), then you’ve come to the right place! 

A breakdown of what we will cover in the case study: 
-Leo’s Story
-Leo’s four-phase journey 
-The traps Leo fell into getting started and how he overcame them 
-The impact on Leo’s agency 
-The secret sauce 
-The dream business and lifestyle he created

Let’s jump in! 

1. Leo’s Story 

To give you some background, at the beginning of 2017 Leo was a university dropout who had no more than $40 in his bank account, was living from couch to couch, and, overall, wasn’t happy with his life. Today, using his own determination and some help from the team at Different Hunger, Leo has built a successful company with a dream lifestyle to match. 

Leo now makes $24,000/month in recurring revenue, works with multi-million dollar brands, and travels the world! 

Leo’s Paypal account after working with Different Hunger 


Here’s how Leo did it! 

2. Leo’s 4-Phase Journey 

Leo was experiencing the same issues when he started his journey that you are experiencing today. He had $0 to his name, he didn’t know where to start building his agency, he didn’t have a clear offer, he didn’t know how to sell to prospective clients, and he didn’t have any lead generation or sales systems in place that would allow him to grow. 

This is where Leo’s began – with a 4-phase journey:

If you’re not yet making six figures right now, then pay close attention the two most critical phases when starting out: Package and Sell. 

We will cover the traps he fell into during these phases and how Different Hunger helped him overcome these obstacles and transformed his agency. 

The Traps Leo Fell Into Getting Started: Phase 1 and Phase 2

Phase 1: Package 

Leo fell into the first trap that most freelancers fall into: Charging hourly and based on a project, not based on value... 


Different Hunger helps people grow successful digital agencies. Matt is an expert at helping people build agencies using online methods and making things super simple to understand.

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